February 4, 2010

Bill paid for Coteau Ranch 2009 property taxes

Bill paid for Coteau Ranch 2009 property taxes
By ALLAN TINKER, information courtesy Ducks Unlimited and Sheridan County Treasurer’s office.

The question is asked by some Sheridan County residents as to how much in taxes Ducks Unlimited pays on the Coteau Ranch? The answer is $6,316.41 for 2009.
DU pays taxes in Sheridan and Kidder Counties in North Dakota. DU owns the Coteau Ranch, just over 3,000 acres; the other property in Kidder County is 1,272 acres.
The improvements DU makes to the property improves have no effect on the tax base. These includes: reseeding grassland, fencing, and weed control. These activities in themselves have no effect on the tax base of the property but DU has paid sales tax on the materials purchased for these activities including fuel, seed, fencing materials, and others.
The Coteau Ranch in Sheridan County is just over 3,000 acres. Ducks Unlimited is planting grass, improving fencing, and managing weeds on the property to improve the rangeland value. DU leases pasture on the Coteau Ranch to local ranchers and with the improved fencing will be able to accommodate an additional lease in 2010.
DU also has several research demonstration plots that were established to help inform the community about herbicide effectiveness, beneficial grass mixes and biomass production. These plots are now established and will be showcased at the upcoming Natural Resources Conservation Service Grassland Management Field Tour set for August 18.
According to Jennifer Cross, Jarvis Keney, District Conservationist with the NRCS, is working with DU to organize a Grassland Management Field Tour scheduled for August 18. The tour will include a visit to a local producer’s operation and stops on the DU Coteau Ranch featuring the research plots on grass varieties and herbicide trials.

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