February 5, 2009

Boys offer up some close sports moments


The Sheridan County Coyotes boys kept the tension on in a tied-game and overtime on Jan. 30, Friday night on the Goodrich court. The A-Squad proved a match for Imperial strength from the south, matching drives and baskets in a tight-fought battle during much of the game. Hard-driving ball transfers and aggressive dribbling came at the hands of Dorian Rohweller, who kept his foot on the accelerator for most of his playing time. Devin Hartman lent his good shooting skills in tandem with Kevin Miller’s and they sparked the lead for the other players to follow. Kevin Klemisch, who played the B-Squad game before the A-Squad game, fouled out, but only after getting some good aggressive moves in and moving into and out of shooting and retrieval territory for interceptions for the Coyotes.

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