March 5, 2009

Comets stop Coyotes


The Underwood Comets stopped the Sheridan County Coyotes from going to the Region 5 tournament Monday night in Washburn. The Comets will be the fourth seed from District 10. The Washburn Cardinals will go in as the third seed as they defeated the Garrison Troopers 57-47. The Turtle Lake-Mercer Trojans defeated the Wilton-Wing Miners for the District 10 Championship 65- 53. This was the third year in a row the Trojans have defeated the Miners for the crown. Kevin Miller was named to the 2009 District 10 All Tournament Team. Other members are Ben Duben, Underwood; Jeff Rasmussen, Washburn; Curtis Giffey, Garrison; Zach Johnson and Lorin St. Clair, Wilton-Wing; Camden Moran, Washburn; Cameron Malzer, Derek Sondrol, and Grant Singer, Turtle Lake- Mercer. Miller was also named to the 2009 All District 10 Tournament Team. Other members are Curtis Giffey, Garrison; Tanner Schlafman, Lorin St. Claire and Cole Bender, Wilton; Ben Duben, Underwood; Levi Tomlinson, Max; Camden Moran, Jeff Rasmussen, Washburn; Cameron Malzer, Grant Singer, Joe Everett, Turtle Lake-Mercer. Cameron Malzer of Turtle Lake-Mercer was named Senior Player of the year for District 10. Joi Anderson of Turtle Lake-Mercer was named Coach of the year for District 10.

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