April 5, 2012

Cougars off to good start in track

Cougars off to good start in track
By Michael Johnson

The Central McLean Cougars may lack numbers and experience coming into the 2012 track and field season, but based on the first meet, the small core of athletes is ready to impress. Head Coach Lee Weisgarber commented on the first meet held in Hazen last Friday and looks forward to the season ahead.
Weisgarber said the team looked very good in the first meet and they were given exceptional weather in March to perform.
For the boys, Weisgarber men-tioned Dillon Aldinger and Dylan Ruff as making some great first impressions. Ruff placed well as a sprinter while Aldinger threw the shot put and discus quite well.
Weisgarber said that this is the first year that students are allowed to dual sport and so three boys are playing both track and baseball. Those three chose to attend a baseball game that was the same day as the track meet. Coach looks forward to more opportunities in relays as those boys attend the future meets.
Girls have shown strength in sprinting, long distance and jumping in the first meet. The relay team had an impressive second place finish.
“This team is very young,” Weisgarber said of the girls. “We will be relying on some eighth graders to help fill relays and gain some points in jumping events.”

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