October 20, 2011

Cougars run down by Maroons

Cougars run down by Maroons
By Michael Johnson
There’s likely a few black and blue spots left on the Central McLean Cougars after the Di-vide County Maroons stomped there way to their ninth win of the season on Friday night. The Cougars made for an exciting first half with some impressive plays, but by the second half the Maroons’ size was wearing the boys down.
The first quarter was full of thrills as Divide County scored on their third play of the game with a 58-yard run from 6-foot 4-inch Andreas Holm.
The Cougars had possession and within a couple minutes an 8-yard pass from Matt Landenberger to Tucker Fylling got the Cougars on the board.
Just over a minute later, the Maroons were sitting on the Cougars’ five-yard line and a toss to Holm from 6-foot 3-inch Lance Knudson lead to a 93-yard touchdown. That sent the Divide County crowd crazy. Both teams had huge numbers of supporters out and the Cougars soon got the response they needed.

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