October 1, 2009

Coyotes stop Troopers 3-0

Coyotes stop Troopers 3-0
Coach Annie Jo Dockter reported on the Garrison-Coyote game:
“The girls are moving along in the right direction, with another district win over Garrison-Max on Sept. 22. We work hard in practice every day, and it is definitely showing come game time.
“My girls are playing smart, and that’s key for the type of season we are having. They are all playing well together, and they come to practice every day wanting to work hard and improve, most days when practice gets over, they want to stay and play longer.
“As a coach, that’s great to hear. They are amazing girls and athletes, every single one of them. The Sheridan County girls beat Garrison-Max in a 3-0 match-up Tuesday. They played well and they keep on playing well. It’s not only fun for me it’s also a lot of fun for them and that is great to see!”

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