November 27, 2008

Cross Country Co-op a go


The new proposed Cross Country Co-Op, the Central McLean/Sheridan County Cougars is in process for formal approval for the 2009-2010 school year. Both the Turtle Lake and McClusky boards have agreed to the plan and the application has been sent to the North Dakota High School Activities Association, reported Supt. Gaillord Peltier at the Nov. 18 board meeting of the McClusky School District. Target Roofing has agreed to a reduced price of $70,900 to repair the gymnasium Roof. Peltier is hopeful that the project will be started and completed in April of 2009. The new welders have arrived for the vocational ag program and the planned window replacement project is also in progress, according to Peltier. Peltier reported on the number of students on the honor roll and remarked on their hard work to achieve this success.

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