August 5, 2015

Cross Country runners up!

By Allan Tinker, information provided by Coach Daren Bail

Central McLean cross country is getting ready to start its new season; practices begin Monday, August 10 at the Turtle Lake-Mercer School.

Coach Daren Bail provided the following information.

"Practices are designed to accommodate all skill levels, I encourage anyone to join.

"The focus of the competitions appears to be changing to accommodate a wide range of skill levels as well. Last year, competitions only scheduled varsity and junior high races. This year, several meets are going to include junior varsity categories as well.

"We started last season with six runners. By the time we had our team picture taken for the year book, we had 13 on the team. So far this year we have six signed up again. I would like to get to 13 before practices start next week.

"Last year was a bit of a surprise. The team did well all year long and when the state meet was over, we were only 15 seconds from getting a trophy. For being the first team in three years that could be considered a great success and a little bit of a disappointment at the same time.

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