June 24, 2015

Father's Day tournament draws large numbers


Fishers who gathered at Hoffer’s Lake for the annual McClusky Sportsman’s Club Father’s Day fishing tournament were met with perfect weather. With little wind to disturb the water and mostly sunny skies, 71 fishers were there to try their luck at the "big one."

District Game Warden Tim Larson volunteered his day to supervise and offer advice or suggestions for the tournament officials and participants.

By boat or vehicle, fishers headed to their favorite fishing spot on the lake and canal when the word was given to "go" at 7 a.m.

As the 11 o’clock finish time drew close, boats could be seen streaming back to the dock where Sportsman’s Club weigh-in official Tina Majors waited.

Fishers were soon lined up with their catches on stringers and in nets, buckets and coolers. Some winners, such as the monster pike caught by Bryton Werth, were readily apparent. Other winners couldn’t be verified until the final numbers could be tallied.

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