August 30, 2017

Gridiron girls – ready to tackle football

By Suzanne Werre
Nobody better say “you hit like a girl” to the members of this year’s Central McLean Midget football players. Especially three of them – or they’ll show you how hard a girl can really hit.
Those three are the three female members of this year’s midget football team, sixth-grader Anna Skachenko and fifth-graders Daphne Lauer and Irie Irwin.
The midgets’ coaches can remember seeing a couple of the guy players cry last season, but so far none of the girls have cried after taking a hard hit.
Actually, they’re ready to take whatever type of hit their teammates can dish out – just as long as they’re ready to get it right back.
“I think it’s fun,” said Irie. “And because you can tackle boys and you won’t get in trouble.”
She especially likes it when she gets to go up against her older brother, Von.

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