August 31, 2016

Imperials capitalize on sluggish CM defense

By Suzanne Werre
The Central McLean Cougars found themselves trying to fight their way back from a first-quarter 14-0 deficit Friday night on the Imperials’ home turf, and were fighting their way back until the end, eventually falling by the score of 40-20.
The defense was just on the field too much, commended Cougar Head Coach Kevin Dockter.
“We spent too much time on defense,” he said. “They ran twice as many plays as we did.”
The Imperials, led by quarterback Dalton Jangula, passed for 142 yards and rushed for 280.
Two of those plays resulted in passing scores in the first quarter, a five-yarder and a 13-yarder from Jangula to Steve Schumacher and Jason Bitz, as they went up 14-0.
Central McLean’s Trapper Jacobs and Blake Anderson answered with an 11-yd score to cut the lead to 14-6 in the second, but Napoleon answered again, as Jangula connected with Jameson Fettig for a 28-yd score.

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