May 21, 2014

Junior High sports co-op effort moves forward


In an effort to move forward on the TL-M-Underwood-Mc-Clusky sports co-op issue, the McClusky School board members, on May 13, made a new motion that altered a previous motion concerning the co-op. The board moved to use the same motion wording as Turtle Lake-Mercer had done, leaving only Underwood to agree or disagree with the proposed change. The motion passed 4-0, with Phyllis Dieterle absent.

The change moves ALL junior high sports into the co-op.

The not-yet-approved three-school change puts in motion the smoother transition of students from lower levels of sports into the varsity squads without the change of teams or mascots; allows smooth scheduling of events for the three schools; and clears communication issues that have arisen.

The McClusky motion was also acknowledged by the Turtle Lake School Board on Monday, May 19. That board will pass to the co-op board the agreement, with the hope that this will settle the issue and get the kids involved without further delay or confusion.

Some of the issues had involved the time lost in travel and the strain in the younger students, who are less able to cope with lessons and sports as older students. Principal Dan Klemisch noted his observance of the difficulty this poses for younger athletes and students.

Lawn mowing and maintenance assistance duties will go to Jeremy Lauer for the 2014 season. One student had applied also, said Superintendent Tollefson.

The extended school year (summer school) was discussed. Valerie Guenthner had volunteered to help with this if the school was unable to find anyone else. There are only two or three students for the short term instruction.

Darin Bail was hired for the 2014-2015 school year as the business teacher, assistant track coach and head coach for cross country.

Tollefson also presented information on a summer meal program for the school and community. Loosely, the program would provide a meal and a snack for anyone between birth and 18 years of age, plus some other instances.

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