October 11, 2012

Just what the Dockter ordered – almost

Just what the Dockter ordered – almost
By Suzanne Werre

Darn kid. He just doesn’t listen.
As Friday night’s opening kickoff went soaring through the air, Central McLean coach Kevin Dockter could be heard muttering to himself, “catch the ball.”
Senior Aaron Morman, playing deep for the Cougars on the kickoff, didn’t catch it. It bounced before he picked it up. But then he proceeded to bob and weave his way 80 yards for a touchdown off the opening kickoff.
Darn kid.
It wasn’t quite what the Dock-ter ordered, but the veteran coach will probably forgive him for this one.
The Cougars went on to rout the visiting Hettinger-Scranton Night Hawks by the score of 56-22, all of the Cougars’ points coming in the first half.
“Yeah, he kind of bobbled it,” laughed Dockter, regarding the missed catch. But, he added. “Aaron had just an unbelievable game.”
In addition to the kickoff return for a score, Morman also rushed for a touchdown and passed for three.
“Some stuff was open for us, and he was right on the money,” said Dockter.
The Cougars never really let the Night Hawks into the game until it was virtually over except for the final whistle.

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