McClusky Pee Wee lose two

McClusky Pee Wee lose two
Two defeats didn’t dampen young spirits on Monday, April 26 when McClusky Pee Wee hosted two games against Underwood at the McClusky High School gym.
In the first game, McClusky Pee Wee were ahead in the first quarter with a score of 7-2, but then got behind and lost ground and the game in the next three quarters: 11-14, 15-22, 16-27.
In the second game, Underwood Pee Wee forged ahead and stayed there for all four quarters: 2-8, 4-14, 8-22, 13-26.
These were the last Pee Wee game for McClusky for this year. Jim Crimmins was the coach for McClusky Pee Wee and Tony Klein and Robin Erdmann were referees. The young players became the focus of local sports at the gym

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