March 19, 2009

McClusky team earns third place in McLean County Tournament

The McClusky School Junior High basketball team consisted of only five players: Trevor Boehm, Kody Erdmann, Kaleb Sease, Taylor Deseth, and Kevin Klemisch. These kids played very little together during the season and yet managed to win third place in the McLean County Jr. High Tournament. They played the whole tournament without any substitutes, and were coached by Robin Erdmann and Ryan Silbernagel. The team won their first game on Friday night against Wilton by a score of 37-20. Score tally was: Klemisch, 22; Deseth, 9; Erdmann, 4; and Boehm, 2. The team lost their semi-final game on Saturday against Turtle Lake with a score of 55 to 42. Score tally: Klemisch, 22; Deseth, 11; Sease, 6; and Boehm, 3.

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