February 12, 2009

Mustangs corral Coyotes 63-51


In boy’s basketball at Goodrich on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 7, the Midkota Mustangs rounded up the Sheridan County Coyotes A-Squad in a well-played but luckless game for the Coyotes. The B-Squad also lost to the Mustangs in the 3 p.m. game, in an overtime game that resulted from a 27-27 score at the end of the fourth quarter. The Coyotes and Mustangs exchanged baskets but the Coyotes failed to bring the tally up enough to overcome the two-point lead the Mustangs held from the 2:29 mark of the fifth quarter (overtime). The final score was 33-31, Mustangs. The A-Squad trailed by four points in the first two quarters but lost ground from that point on, missing some "almost" points in a game that seemed plagued with near misses. Both Squads had some singular high points with three pointers and long shots, making the event entertaining for the good-sized crowd.

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