November 13, 2008

Sheridan County Coyotes District Runner up


The Coyotes came within a whisker of the District 10 championship Friday night in Underwood. The Turtle Lake-Mercer Trojans defeated the Coyotes three games to two. The Coyotes will play the number three team from District 9 in the Region 5 game three Monday Nov. 10 at Underwood. Karissa Erdmann was selected for the All-District 10 team. Other team members are Jenna Bayless, Devon Belisle, Jordyn Sondrol, TL-M; Brooke Haugen, Kim Gienger, Garrison; Alix Auck, Underwood; Candy Ankenbauer, Jennifer Wicklander, Joelle Reiser, Washburn; and Alex Webster, Lisa Dewing, Wilton-Wing. Coach of the year for District 10 was Stephanie Williams of Washburn. Senior player of the year for District 10 was Alex Webster of Wilton. All-Tournament team members are Jasmine Massingill, Karissa Erdmann, Sheridan County; Alana Smith, Alex Webster, Wilton-Wing; Jordyn Sondrol, Morgan Zinke, Jena Bayless, TL-M; Samantha Krueger, Alexis Longtin, Underwood; and Jennifer Wicklander, Washburn.

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