March 29, 2012

Sports Co-op concerned about communications

Sports Co-op concerned about communications
The Turtle Lake-Mercer Mc-Clusky sports co-op committee met March 20 2012 at the Turtle Lake-Mercer school.
The meeting started with a discussion on how to improve communications when games, times, and/or practice times are changed or canceled.
Heather Kramer, the TLM Athletic Director said some times the messages from the coaches to the students that participate does not get to the parents.
McClusky Supt. Robert Tol-lefson suggested an online program on the schools’ website with all the needed information.
McClusky AD Dan Klemisch commended Kramer for her ability to put together a calendar of times, dates, and schedules of games.
The subject of pep rallies also came up next. It was agreed that without cheerleaders there are no real leaders to get the student body involved.
TL-M committee member Todd Sondrol suggested having pep rallies before Homecoming games; the start of District tournaments; Region tournaments and any Region championship game. If pep rallies were schedule with enough advanced notice, there may be more community involvement.  It was suggested to also schedule one at McClusky. 

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