January 29, 2014

Sports Co-op meeting held


The sports co-op meeting was held after the TLMM and Un-derwood game Tuesday January 21st at Turtle Lake-Mercer High School. Member schools present were Underwood, McClusky and Turtle-Mercer.

First on the agenda was finances. It was noted that they are operating in the red. It was agreed that startup funds from Underwood will be $4,250 and TLMM $5,700.

Fall sports was next with Coach Kurt Zeibarth giving his report. Coach Ziebarth noted that we had a very young team and did well. Also, the change to 11-man was a lot less travel.

Coach Ziebarth also mentioned that they could use another coach so the group of players can be broken down for offensive groups for running backs and receivers; and defensive groups for lineman and linebackers.

It was brought up that local official could be hired for junior high games.

Also discussed having the football awards at a different time. The 2014 schedule will have the same teams as 2013.

Staying on the football subject, Central Mclean is sitting on the edge of being in class A or going 9-man. They will be in class A for the 2014 season but with any enrollment changes in Underwood, McClusky, TLMM or the four or five schools above or below them will determine which way they will go after the 2014 season.

Jim Leroy, Underwood School board member threw out the idea of not including McClusky in the football co-op to get the numbers down so Central McLean can drop to 9-man. It was noted that may not have to happen just because the numbers can work in our favor.

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