May 13, 2010

State Scholastic Chess Tournament held in McClusky

State Scholastic Chess Tournament held in McClusky
Submitted by Ryan Silbernagel, edited
The North Dakota State Chess Tournament was held in McClusky on April 17, 2010. Approximately 80 youth participated this year in four different categories; high school, junior high, middle school, and primary school. Chess players came from towns including Strasburg, New Town, Fargo, and Bismarck.
The usual start time of the tournament was pushed back to help with the drive times across state. The first round began after an opening speech by Joe McNamara (Tournament Director). All of the middle and primary sections were held in the high school gymnasium. Clocks aren’t needed in these groups because the pace is swift and games are over in about fifteen minutes. McClusky had several chess players in this section; Trista Crimmins, Shayna Crimmins, and Levi Larson
The junior high and high school sections were held in the library. Forty-two students competed in these sections. The McClusky players included John Faul, Chance Faul, Abby Martwick, Adrienne Martwick, Brittnay Thomas, Andrew Anderson, Cody Crimmins, Angela Frank, and Trevor Boehm. Matches were game/30, which means each player had thirty minutes to think and move their pieces. Every player was guarantied five games with a possible tiebreaker game.
All divisions moved quickly and the tournament was completed in about six hours. All players did a fantastic job and the high school placed third in their division.

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