October 15, 2014

TLMM Pee Wee win two games

On Tuesday, September 30, Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky girls basketball Pee Wee hosted two Pee Wee games against Underwood Comets at the McClusky High School.

In the fourth-fifth grade, TLMM won a game with a score of 35-13 with quarter stops 8-0, 15-5, 27-9 and 35-13.

Amy Klain led in scoring with 10 points, followed by Ashley Bergquist eight, Sydney Fischer and Daisy Sparrow six each, and Rhea Laib two points. There were three foul shots.

The players for this team were Grace Goven, Daisy Sparrow and Jylianne Striha, fourth graders, Karleigh Baker, Ashley Bergquist, Sydney Fischer, Amy Klain, Rhea Laib, Kadence Reiser and Evelyn Wagner, fifth graders

In the sixth grade, TLMM also won with a score of 36-12. Quarter stops were 12-0, 21-3, 31-8, and 36-12.

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