September 8, 2011

Trojans open 2011 season with pair of wins

Trojans open 2011 season with pair of wins
The Turtle Lake-Mercer-Mc-Clusky Trojans volleyball team defeated the Surrey Mustangs three games to one in the 2011 season opener at Surrey on Tuesday night.
Thursday night the Trojans defeated the Wilton Miners three games to one on the home court.
The Trojans travel to Un-derwood Sept 6. On Sept. 9 and 10, the Trojans will be at Center for a Tournament; then at home for games with Washburn on Sept. 13 and Harvey Wells County Sept. 15.
Trojans 3-Mustangs 1
Jacy Hausauer led the Trojan with six kills and Sabrina Rust led in assists with nine.
The leaders for the Mustangs were Kylee Nelson with 15 assists and Jenna Vollmer with five kills.
Game one saw the Trojans fall behind 6-1. Kills from Jacy Hausauer and Taylor Fylling cut the Mustangs’ lead to 6-3.
A back-row kill from Chaz Sondrol and aces from Haus-auer and Sabrina Rust cut the lead to 7-8 Mustangs.
The game was tied at 13 after a long serve from the Mustangs. The Trojans took a 14-13 lead after a long kill shot from the Mustangs.
An ace from Haley Zinke and a kill from Hausauer put the Trojans in front, 16-13. The Trojans stayed in front by one or two points the rest of the way and won 25-23 after a Mustangs’ block was out of bounds for the 25th point for the Trojans.
The second game, the Trojans took a 7-4 lead after a kill from Fylling and a block from Chloe Bayless.
The Mustangs tied the game at nine after aces from Jenna Vollmer and Kylee Nelson.
The score was tied at 11, 12, and 13 before the Mustangs pulled away from a 25-17 win.
The third game, the Trojans took a 12-1 lead. Zinke put down three aces; Hausauer added three kills; Rust added a kill; and Sondrol an ace in that run.

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