November 6, 2013

Trojans stop Bulldogs


The Trojans ended their regular season with a 3-1 win over the Flasher Bulldogs Friday night on the Trojans’ home court.

The win put the Trojans at 8 wins and 6 losses for the regular season.

Tatum Fylling led the Trojans with 14 kills and seven blocks; Katelynn Presser also had 14 kills. Mariah Portra had 27 assists and Kennedy Fricke 35 digs.

Secora Schmidt led the Bull-dogs with nine kills, two blocks and 10 digs.

The Trojans took the lead to begin the first set and expanded it to 18-11 after kills from Haley Zinke and Tasha Williams. A kill from Tatum Fylling ended the first set at 25-14 Trojans.

The Bulldogs took a 3-1 lead to begin the second but the Trojans went up 11-4 after back-to-back aces from Zinke and a kill and a couple of blocks from Fylling.

The Bulldogs cut the Trojans’ lead to 13-8 after a kill from Desirae Schafer and an ace from Josie Vanden Burg.

A couple of kills from Presser put the Trojans up 16-9 but then the Trojans gave up a number of points on no returns or missed kills. Kills from Presser and Zinke put the Trojans up 19-15.

The Bulldogs narrowed the gap to 23-22 after a pair of kills from Tiffany Friesz and an ace from Haley Gullickson.

Back-to-back missed kills from the Trojans gave the lead to the Bulldogs 24-23. An ace from Gullickson ended the set in the Bulldogs favor 25-23.

A bright spot for a Trojan fan at the end of the set was Mike Axt from McClusky who won $54 in the 50/50 drawing.

The Trojans grabbed a 5-2 lead to start the third set with Williams getting three kills.

A pair of kills from Presser put the Trojans up 13-8.

A no-return from the Trojans and kills from Schmidt and Friesz cut the Trojans’ lead to 13-11. That was followed by Zinke with a kill and Presser with back row kill to make the score 15-11 Trojans.

Kills from Fylling, Kurle and Williams put the Trojans out front 24-16. Presser ended the set at 25-16 with an ace.

The fourth set saw the Trojans take the lead and go up 23-10 after three kills from Presser and a back row kill from Zinke. Five unanswered scores from the Bulldogs cut the Trojans’ lead to 23-15. A side out on the Bulldogs gave the Trojans a 24-15 lead. Then, four consecutive missed kills form the Trojans gave the Bulldogs points make the score 24-19. A pair of kills from Schmidt and kill from Serena Frederick cut the Trojans’ lead to 24-22.

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