February 17, 2016

Trojans third in District 10

Sellon, Tatum Fylling and Trista Crimmins were placed on the 2016 District 10 All District Team. Other members include Madeline Henke-Center/Stanton, Cheyenne Jacobson-Max, Carly Freeman-Washburn, Paige Hausauer and Brooklyn Vollmer-Wilton/Wing, Taylor Kamp, Madison Nieuwenhuis and Ellie Gehring-Garrison, MacKenzie Snyder-Underwood.

Sellon was also placed on the 2016 District 10 All-Tournament Team. Other members include Cheyenne Jacobson-Max, Carly Freeman-Washburn, Brooke Schroeder-Max, Ellie Gehring and Taylor Kamp-Garrison, Paige Hausauer and Kate Fox-Wilton/Wing, MacKenzie Snyder and Brook Weisenberger-Underwood.

Gary Ballard from Turtle Lake-Mercer McClusky was chosen for the 2016 District 10 Coach of the Year.

Taylor Kamp from Garrison was chosen as the 2016 District 10 Senior Athlete of the Year.


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