October 1, 2014

Trojans thumped by Wildcats


The Trojans dropped to one win and one loss in district play as the Center/Stanton Wildcat defeated the Trojans 3-0. The Trojans stand at three wins and five losses in regular season play.

Tatum Fylling led the Trojans with nine kills and nine blocks. Mariah Sellon tallied twenty two digs and Zoe Smalls fifteen assists.

Abby Hintz and Bobbi Berg led the Wildcats with eleven and ten kills.

The Trojans took a 6-2 lead in the first set after a pair of kills from Mariah Sellon and block from Tatum Fylling. The Trojans’ lead was stretched to 11-5 after kills from Kylee Reiser, Katelyn Presser and Tasha William.

The Wildcats answered with Abby Hintz getting a couple of kills and Morgan Vitek an ace to cut the Trojans’ lead to 12-9.

The Trojans continued to hold a slight lead of 17-14 after a kill from Presser.

The Wildcats tied the set at 17 with a pair of kills from Hintz and an ace from Madeline Henke.

Kills from Fylling and Williams were answered by Tristen Henke and Tori Wahlman, along with errors on both sides, again left the set tied at 22.

The Trojans gave up the next two points on missed kills. The set ended with Charlie Windhorst getting the kill for the Wildcats for a 25-22 win.

The second set saw the Trojans leading 9-8 but the only points on offense was an ace from Williams.

From there, the set was tied nine times and the lead changed four, with many of the points coming on errors on both teams.

The last tie came at 21. The Wildcats scored kills from Bobbi Berg and Tristen Henke to take a 24-21 lead. A no return on the Trojans ended the set in the Wildcats favor at 25-21.

There were not many bright spots for the Trojans in the third set as three kills from Wahlman and a pair from Hintz put the Wildcats up 20-8.

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