June 14, 2012

Wing Rodeo to be held June 23-24

Wing Rodeo to be held June 23-24
Submitted by
Melanie Hertz,
Wing Horse Club, edited
With less than a month before the chute gates fly at the Sixty-Fifth Annual Wing Rodeo, it’s fair to say that “I”s are starting to get dotted and “T”s are starting to get crossed. Just imagine that from the moment the dust settled from last year’s rodeo, re-grouping started for this year’s event.
While all the hands involved are busy strategically planning and executing ideas with hopes of putting on the “best” rodeo entertainment for their community, they manage to resort to a little dry humor every now and then to lighten the mood for the critical decisions. “We are so grateful for the generosity of all the businesses in Wing and many surrounding towns, so we are especially sensitive to putting on a show that makes us all proud to be part of this organization,” said Darrell Os-wald, the President of the Wing Horse Club.

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