July 29, 2015

1-cent tax vote Aug. 25



Residents of the City of Garrison are being asked to continue a 1-cent sales tax indefinitely. A vote to continue the tax is set for Tuesday, Aug. 25.

In 1995 a vote to make the tax perpetual passed with flying colors, but wording wasn’t right. Thus, another vote needs to be held. If the measure is approved, the 1-cent tax will continue indefinitely.

Officials stress to the voter: This is not a new tax. It’s been in existence since 1995.

The benefit of the tax is that it helps taxing entities. Dozens have benefited from the 1-cent tax since it began, including the school, city, ambulance service, senior citizens, airport authority, parks & rec. department and public library.

Money comes from the sale of taxable goods within city limits. Groceries and farm implements are exempt. Funds are distributed in the form of grants or loans through two accounts – community development and economic development.

The only people who can vote on the issue are residents within city limits.

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