February 26, 2020

1 + ½ + 1? = police force

Setting up the city’s first police department in decades is no easy task.
But it’s a task that is on track with a police chief, an occasional part-time officer and possibly another full-time officer coming soon. Advertising will begin next month for another full-time officer.
A police committee of Garrison councilman and the city attorney met Friday to review expenses so far and those that are expected.  They also reviewed how the new department is working so far.
Councilman Paul Schlichting said, “From the community black eye side of it, it’s turned out to be pretty good. From what I’ve heard, it’s been a good thing.”
Attorney Jim Wilson said, “I know, according to Travis, he’s had a lot more calls than he thought he would have.  I don’t know if it’s just the beginning and it’s going to be worse, we may have to look at a full time guy sooner than we thought.”

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