March 24, 2011

6 county groups may receive $37,400 at luncheon

6 county groups may receive $37,400 at luncheon
Six McLean County organizations, four of them based in Garrison, will be awarded a total of $37,400 by the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation at an awards luncheon in Minot today (Thursday). The total will be $37,400 if required matching grants are met.
The four from Garrison sharing in the monetary awards are Camp of the Cross, $11,000 ($2,500 must be matched); Better Living for Garrison, Inc., $7,500, a matching grant; Benedictine Living Center, $5,000, and Garrison Memorial Hospital, $900.
The Wilton Rural Ambulance District will be awarded $2,500 for the purchase of a power cot and the McLean County Food Pantry at Washburn will receive $500 for food supplies for needy families.
If all matching grants are awarded today, the total given by the foundation will be $391,500. Matching grants amounted to $85,750 (including the Camp of the Cross and BLFG awards).
Since its founding, St. Joseph Community Health Foundation (SJCHF) has awarded more than $2 million to area organizations to meet the mental, physical and spiritual needs for residents of 11 counties, including McLean. The independent public charity foundation was set up with proceeds donated by the Sisters of St. Francis from the sale of St. Joseph Hospital in Minot. Jill Denning Gackle is a member of the foundation’s board of director.

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