August 23, 2017

A change of perspective

Garrison School looks at teaching options
Desks in straight rows, students told to sit down, be quiet, look straight ahead. This is the image seen when walking into most classrooms across the nation.
Garrison isn’t much different. As of now.
At the most recent school board meeting members unanimously approved a public showing of the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” in the Garrison High School gym.
Following attending an Innovation Summit in early August, Superintendent Nick Klemisch told the board he felt staff members and parents should see the documentary put together by venture-capitalist Ted Dentrosmith.
“He funded a documentary crew to go look at schools across the country. His frustration was schools, that even his own kids attended, were really teaching them a lot of rudimentary things,” Klemisch said. “They were teaching kids to be trained monkeys and you will all work in the work force.”
Klemisch said after showing this documentary a spark is struck to change the way students are taught.
“Part of me is I’m really feeling we are finally to that point is where we can really push,” he said. “And one of the things the state is pushing right now is innovation and what can your school do differently?”
Klemisch said walking through the hallways and into classrooms, straight rows of desks can be seen. Kids are told to stay still in their seats, without a sound.

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