January 10, 2018

A critical moment of impact

Berhow shares a devastating story
Students, faculty and community members gathered in the Garrison High School Gym, Friday, and listened to a story that raised goosebumps.
Oct. 29, 2011 was a day Taylor Berhow will never forget.
It was a night that ended an alcohol problem, years in the making. However, release from the addiction came with a grave price.
After having a few too many drinks and shots at a bar Halloween party, Berhow was the driver in an accident that killed three of his friends.
The beginning
According to Berhow, it all started in high school.
“My sophomore year in high school a few of my friends and I decided we would go to a party,” he said. “That is when it started, the first time I had alcohol.”
Berhow said, what got him through high school was his swimming career.
“Swimming was something I needed. I kept my grades up for swimming,” he said. “I lettered and qualified for state. That goal I set for myself and I hit it.”
His goal for senior year was to place at state competition, However, when Berhow’s senior year rolled around, he was interested in other things.

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