March 14, 2018

A lesson in breaking the law

Garrison Schools to file formal complaint
Parshall School District may be in a little hot water.
The district may have broken century code laws by recruiting open enrollment students through advertising.
The ad was published for two weeks in the the McLean County Independent, the Mountrail County Record of Parshall and the area’s free circulation shopper, the Xtra.
At a special meeting of the Garrison School Board Wednesday, Superintendent Nick Klemisch was given the blessing to pursue a formal complaint against Parshall School District with the state Department of Public Instruction.
“This was sent to me the first time it ran in the Independent,” Klemisch told the board, displaying the recruitment ad. “I threw it out to other superintendents because I had a feeling this was not allowed, but I wasn’t sure of the specific century code.”
The North Dakota Century Code 15.1-13-06 states: “A school district participating in open enrollment may not give or offer to give a student remuneration, or directly exert influence on the student or the student’s family, in order to encourage participation in the open enrollment  program.”
The ad in question highlighted positive areas and programs of Parshall Schools, with two lines on the bottom of the ad stating: “Open enrollment applications are due March 1, 2018. For more information, contact the Parshall School District...”

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