March 7, 2018

A measure of appreciation

Local man proposes a way to give back
When there is a horrific traffic accident, devastating fire or a medical emergency, who is the first call?
Emergency responders drop everything to help others, no matter the time of day.
Whether it is Christmas Eve, a child’s birthday or wedding anniversary, first responders make their jobs the number one priority.
Norval Semchenko of rural Max is in the process of putting an initiated measure on the ballot this year, to show appreciation for these tireless workers.
The petition title, or definition is states that the initiated measure will add a new section to chapter 39-04 if the North Dakota Century Code requiring the Department of Transportation to issue red personalized vehicle license plates to volunteer emergency responders.
The title goes on to say that these responders would receive these plates at no cost and would serve as an entrance pass to the North Dakota State Parks.
“Thousands of these volunteers stand ready 24/7 to assist those of us in an emergency situation,” Semchenko said in his mission statement for the measure. “These men and women train for and perform these duties because of their generous personalities, but are never financially compensated.”
Semchenko said it is time to publicly show appreciation to these “unsung heroes.”

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