April 18, 2018

A trip for the books

An adventure packed full of exploring, learning and making new friends was what 15 students and from Garrison High School experienced while they traveled to Washington D.C. this past week.
The group of students included two juniors, Ilise Jennings and Mckailyn Steele and 13 seniors, Troy Betz, Gabe Holt, Jaaron Kamp, Riley Mautz, Skylar Bright, Grace Scheresky, McKenzie Ruhland, Madeline Moe, Madison Rud, Cassie Dornacker, Ally Behles, Shelby Gehring, and Makenna Brumbaugh. Garrison High School Principal Steve Dangel and his son Ethan Dangel, as well as Cyndie Behles and Cory Behles, parents of Ally Behles, tagged along for the trip.
The trip was run through the Close-up Foundation.
Close-up’s goal is to inform, inspire and empower young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in democracy. Close-up welcomes a new group of students every week from around the country.
The week of April 7-13 they welcomed the Garrison group of students.
The week started on Saturday. The students got up early in the morning to catch a flight to D.C.
While in D.C on Saturday, the group went out to eat at Goodness Gracious burgers and a few students stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes.

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