January 14, 2015

A vision for 2025 and beyond


How do you describe Garrison? Friendly? Progressive? Motivated? Cliquish? Maybe. How about all of the above?

Monday night, the groundwork was laid to create a vision for the future of Garrison. It was the first meeting to create a comprehensive plan.

The group of more than 35 didn’t listen it participated. It participated by providing facilitators input that will be the foundation for the plan. The group took part in a number of exercises. One was "how would you describe Garrison?" Answers included: progressive, wellness (health care services available), friendly, innovative, ambitious/volunteerism, motivated and cliquish.

The group was asked what it thinks the main economic strength of Garrison will be in 2025?

In this instance, answers included: agriculture (multiple replies), lake, hunting and fishing, and becoming a summer destination. Other answers included being a diverse community, its proximity to metropolitan areas, volunteerism, proximity to energy, continued good health care services and increased recreation opportunities.

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