May 17, 2017

Advertising Garrison year around

New banners showcase events
What is Garrison known for? Some would say fishing or being a “pretty city.” However, to most, Garrison is famous for its wide array of events that fill the summer months, along with the Dickens Village Festival.
While the Dickens Festival is widely known, some of the the summer events may not. The Garrison Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee came up with a solution.
Coming soon to Trooper Avenue, bright, attention-grabbing banners will showcase the five summer months, one month per banner, and the events that go along with them. The banners are measured, ordered and should arrive within the next couple of weeks.
According to the committee, this will give people coming into Garrison an idea of the things offered every summer.
Beginning at Krause’s Market, the first banner will read May and showcase Skyfest. The next banner is dedicated to Frontier Military Days in June. July, of course, features the Governor’s Cup, August displays the Beach party and finally, ending at NAPA, September advertises the Aw Shucks Corn Fest.
Traveling back down Trooper Avenue, toward Krause’s from NAPA, the banners will go the opposite way, in order.
The committee made sure the banners were generic enough to be used year after year to showcase the summer events.
Other projects the Executive Committee is working on is a new sign at the 6-Mile Corner and cleaning up the Custer Mine area.

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