September 6, 2017

Aiding in recovery for Houston

Garrison Schools to donate to hurricane effort
Following the devastating destruction in Texas, Garrison Schools found a way to get involved in the relief effort.
After hearing of the severe loss in the school districts in around Houston, Tex., a local effort was created to send supplies for students hoping to return to school.
At a special meeting of the Garrison School Board, the school’s “Fill the Bus” donation effort was approved.
“What we have done is partnered with a school down in Texas (Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District). Their district was hit by the recent hurricane,” Superintendent Nick Klemisch said. “The hurricane demolished one of the schools completely but the others are still standing.”
School was supposed to be back in session a week ago, however, the recent hurricane left the schools in shambles and families displaced.
“What they are looking for is a bunch of supplies to try to get school off and running,”
Klemisch said donations will go directly to the school.
“There is no middle man,” he said.

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