May 16, 2018

An officer’s point of view

Sheriff’s office adds body cams for patrol deputies
BHG News Service
“It takes out a lot of the he said, she said,” McLean County Sheriff JR Kerzmann said of the department’s new body cams, now worn by all on-patrol deputies.
The cameras, purchased in January, are now mounted on the chest of all officers patrolling the county, capturing a first-person view of what deputies see on duty. This visual documentation is an invaluable asset when it comes to writing case reports, the sheriff said.
“They might handle ten calls in a day, so it’s about efficiency for us,” Kerzmann said. “They don’t have to question if someone said something or when they did something. They can look at the video and use that for their report.”
Kerzmann said as some of the dash-mounted cameras in patrol cars get older and stop working, the body cams add a level of security for both the officers and the members of the public. Kerzmann said the cameras also provide peace of mind for officers, and encourage accountability.

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