September 27, 2012

Annex denied

Annex denied

It was their turn to step up to the plate in front of the North Dakota Board of Public School Education.
And just like supporters who wanted to have their land annexed to the Max School District before them, it was a swing and a miss for those in the Lewis & Clark School District who wanted their land annexed to the Garrison district.
In a packed Peace Garden room at the state capitol in Bismarck Monday, an impassioned exchange of testimony lasted more than four hours. Supporters for and against the annexation pled their case, trying to convince board members that their plan would be best.
When the dust settled, the board had the final say, casting a unanimous “no” vote. State officials said the amount of land in the annexation request was excessive. In the proposal, petitioners were asking that more than 55,700 acres, or 87 sections, be annexed to the Garrison School District from Lewis & Clark. The area is in the southern portion of the Lewis & Clark district and is contiguous to the Garrison district.

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