May 30, 2018

Approving a live contract

School boards adopt co-op agreement
Garrison and Max School boards went head to head for awhile on the sports co-op agreement last year. Now, with the boards working together through a Co-op Committee, a new cooperative agreement, attractive to both parties, was adopted.
About a month ago, Garrison Athletic Director Jason Ermer brought a packet full of athletic agreements to the Co-op Committee. Since then, desirable features were taken from those contracts and implemented into ideas for the Garrison-Max co-op.
The contract was on the drawing board for several co-op meetings. Some notable points were finalized as follows.
*The Garrison-Max Trooper colors will remain royal blue and white with Garrison acting as fiscal agent. Max is to pay a $2,000 stipend at the end of the school year, with the amount revisited annually.

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