July 11, 2013

Area vehicles stolen

Area vehicles stolen

McLean County authorities are reminding county residents to remove their keys from vehicles following a recent incident in the Garrison area that saw two local vehicles stolen.
According to the sheriff’s department, a report was received at about 3:25 a.m., June 28, from the David and Jodi Mautz farm that a vehicle had been taken. The search by the family and deputies revealed the pickup was driven about ½-mile north of the farm and had become stuck on a prairie trail and then abandoned.
In close proximity, law enforcement discovered another abandoned vehicle that had become stuck.
The investigation uncovered another vehicle that had become stuck in the same area. The pickup had dealer plates from Kupper Chevrolet of Mandan. Searching the vehicle, deputies discovered meth paraphernalia.
It is believed the same individual(s) also stole a pickup from the Brian and Jodi Bendickson residence southwest of the Mautz farm. A Mountrail County deputy found the Bendickson vehicle at Parshall Bay.
All vehicles were impounded, but the Mautz and Bendickson vehicles have been returned to the owners. DNA was taken from the Bendickson pickup and will be analyzed by the state lab. Authorities have a suspect, and an arrest is pending.
McLean County Chief Deputy Sheriff JR Kerzmann said McLean County is changing, and people can’t be complacent.
“Locking doors whether it’s to your home, vehicle or garden shed will take some of the opportunity out of it for a criminal to steal,” Kerzmann said. “McLean County is still a safe place in comparison to other areas of the state that are being overrun with crime.

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