May 6, 2015

Auditorium rental fee updated



A new rental and fee schedule for the Garrison City Auditorium is in the books.

At their regular monthly meeting Monday, council members reviewed, then gave their blessing to a reworked schedule. The new schedule went into effect Tuesday. City officials point out that previous or current rental agreements are locked in to the agreement already signed. The new schedule is going forward.

New rates include:

•Churches, school, non-profit organizations and other public functions: $50 per day and $150 deposit. To set up the day before – an additional $10.

•For-profit organizations: $50 per day and $150 deposit.

•Dances: $200 and a $150 deposit. Day before set-up $50.

•Kitchen rental: $30 per day, $200 deposit.

•Lobby: $10 per day, $150 deposit.

•No charge events; Blood drives, city-related meetings, elections, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, dance line practice (when auditorium is available), walking and benefits for a grave illness or home destruction.

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