September 16, 2010

Auditorium rental fees increased

Auditorium rental fees increased

There are some new rates for use of the Garrison City Auditorium.
At its meeting Sept. 7, the city council discussed bumping up the fees for use of the auditorium for events that include beer/liquor sales. One of the reasons for the change is to encourage customers and liquor establishments to clean up the auditorium after events.
“If it’s cleaned up they get the deposit back,” said Alderman Chad Betz.
Set-up fees prior to a dance will be $25. A refundable deposit of $150 will be required for all functions at the auditorium.
The council also gave its blessing to implementing a liquor and beer license non-refundable transfer fee of $25. A refundable deposit of $150 for clean-up will also be implemented. The deposit is for cleanup by all those who rent the auditorium, city officials point out.
The last time rates were changed was in 2007. The changes are effective as of Sept. 7.
The previous rental rate for a dance was $120, plus a $50 deposit. Renting the auditorium one day prior to the event (to accommodate decorating) is $10.

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