October 14, 2010

Authorities closing in on burglary suspects

Authorities closing in on burglary suspects

McLean County authorities say they are close to wrapping up a number of burglary cases in the northern part of the county.
One individual is already in custody. And county officials said that charges are imminent in burglary cases in Garrison, Douglas and Makoti (both Ward County) against multiple individuals.
Josh Koelzer, 26, is in the McLean County Law Enforcement Center in Washburn. He has been cited for interfering with a 911 call and a probation violation. He will be one of those charged with conspiracy to commit burglary.
Authorities said they received information from an unnamed source who shared details of a conversation that was overheard pertaining to the burglaries. Following that information Koelzer was apprehended on the 911 and probation violation.

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