December 11, 2019

Badge, gun and whole lot more


You can ask the girl to the dance, but she is going to need a lot more than an invitation.

That's what the Garrison Police Committee is finding about moving toward hiring a police department chief. A chief and his or her department is going to need a lot more than the title, the committee seemed to be realizing.

Councilman John Matthews said after a review of lists and plans Dec. 4: 'It's a big learning experience.:

Applicants were reviewed Wednesday after the Tuesday application deadline.

The committee looked last week at the equipment the police chief and the department will need for a February start date.

First it was a car that was purchased for $18,500 from Renville County.

Once an officer gets here he or she will need: a badge, firearm, ammunition, handheld radio, body armor, uniforms, handcuffs, pepper spray and maybe a taser.

Then the chief will need equipment for an office including a computer (and one for the car), software, phone, answering machine, fingerprinting supplies, forms for arrests, camera for criminal investigations and mug shots, crime scene processing supplies, recorder and desk.


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