August 4, 2021

Benedict mayor, council member resign

City can hold special election or make appointment to fill vacancies


The mayor of Benedict has resigned from her position.
At a special meeting of the Benedict City Council on July 28, Becky Tebby tendered her resignation. 
“It’s time now, after nearly seven years, for me to devote my time in other avenues,” Tebby said in her resignation letter. 
In addition to mayor, she served as the city’s water and sewer operator for about the past four years, as well as the temporary city auditor for the past eight months.
Tebby joined the Benedict city council as a member in November 2014 and since then, has served as mayor for two terms. She noted in her letter that the tenure “has been filled with much memorable growth, learning opportunities and many accomplishments.”
“I’ve enjoyed working with all the people who had the common goal of making things better in the city, making it a city we all could be proud of, and one that would draw people to visit or move here,” Tebby concluded. “My sincere hope is that the city may continue to grow and thrive in a positive way.”
Additionally, city council member Blaine Chilson also resigned from his position, citing his wife’s medical condition.
“We need more time together and unfortunately, I would not be able to complete my duties as council member,” he wrote in his resignation letter.
According to North Dakota Century Code 40-08-08, the city council may call a special city election to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. They can also, after fifteen days of the date of vacancy, “appoint a person from the ward in which the council member previously holding was elected or appointed to fill the vacancy until the next city election, at which election the unexpired term must be filled.”
Tebby’s term expires in June 2022. 

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