August 5, 2010

Bikers give CANDISC thumbs up

Bikers give CANDISC thumbs up

CANDISC (Cycling around North Dakota in Sakakawea Country) certainly isn’t one of the largest bike tours. In fact, with participants in the mere hundreds (about 325 this year), it might be considered on the small side.
That doesn’t seem to bother those who take part in the annual bike trek. In fact, some seem to think that the size of the event is one of its strong points.
Among those who expressed such thoughts were Paul and Sue Kajmowicz of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Paul, a third-year participant, and Sue, who is a second-year CANDISC biker, lavished praise on the local event. Paul said, “It is well organized and has very friendly host communities.” He said he was impressed by a “sit-down turkey dinner” that was served by a 2009 host community. Not only was the meal tasty, he said the cost was reasonable. Another aspect of the meal that he found appealing was that proceeds would be used to help provide scholarships for students who attended the community’s high school.

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