September 13, 2017

Board debates hospital lots

Should the Garrison-Max Rural Ambulance District purchase two lots from CHI St. Alexius Health? If the price is right, board members said, “you bet.”
At their meeting Sept. 6, the board debated a CHI offer at length before agreeing to proceed.
The lots, which are adjacent to the current ambulance garage, are being offered by the hospital. A cost for the lots was uncertain, and board members said a followup with hospital officials was needed.
The ambulance district would like to build a new facility, as the current structure needs major repair work and is showing its age.
Board members said if the lots were purchased and a new facility built, the current structure would need to be used until the new one was in service.
We need to get something in motion, urged board Vice President Kerry Seidler. 展e aren稚 going to find a better spot.

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