May 20, 2015

Board election wording questioned


Results remain unchanged


The vote for the Garrison School Board is official. Results stand. Elected are incumbents Rodger Affeldt and Janice Katin, both for "Rural" seats, and newcomer Kevin Rime for member "At-Large."

But it didn’t come without controversy.

During canvassing Monday night, the board heard all absentee ballots and approximately ¼ of the ballots cast in person at the May 12 election were worded incorrectly, but all groupings of candidate names were correct. Both areas were listed "Rural" instead of being "Rural" and "At Large."

It wasn’t until a voter pointed out the error on the ballot on election day that it was noticed. County Auditor Les Korgel was notified of the discrepancy immediately and election workers were told to replace the ballots for future voters. New ballots were printed before another vote could be cast.

The board heard Monday one absentee ballot came in after the election. The date was proper and declared legal after being confirmed by a member of the canvassing board. It was opened. Steve Seidler and Rodger Affeldt under "Rural" and Kevin Rime under "At Large" received votes. Seidler and Rime attended the canvassing.

Seidler maintained the election should be declared invalid, claiming there could have been confusion. Superintendent Steve Brannan disagreed.

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