March 17, 2011

Board gets first glimpse of possible building plans

Board gets first glimpse of possible building plans

The shopping list is starting to make its way from the grocery store to the menu.
A wish list of remodeling, renovations and new spaces for the elementary and high school were unveiled Tuesday evening at a Garrison school board meeting. Wayne Whitty, architect, revealed the first drawings after meeting with members of the staff and community during the past couple of months.
The next step will be a meeting with the building and grounds committee Monday, March 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the elementary school.
Community meetings will follow. A tentative plan has to be approved by the ND Department of Public Instruction prior to the bond issue.
All the steps are coming together a little more slowly than the board had first envisioned. Board members and administration said a fall bond issue election might be too soon.
Board Member Bonnie Nygard said the plans may be rushed. She said she feared that it might take more time to educate the public about the plans and the cost to taxpayers.
“I’m really worried about trying to rush this through,” she said.
Steve Seidler, board member, caught some excitement from seeing the plans revealed Tuesday evening.
“I thought the same thing but after tonight, I think we should get more public input and jump in,” Seidler said.
Superintendent Steve Brannan said a spring 2012 special election is possible, instead of a fall 2011.
Among the proposed plans the architect outlined were:

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